RSVP: Invitation to an Alchuklesh Massacre (A Noah Winter Novel)

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RSVP: Invitation to an Alchuklesh Massacre (A Noah Winter Novel)
Noah Winter has it all: wealth, power, toys, a home that could contain the whole bloody Olympics (summer and winter)—and to share his life with him, a lovely, scrappy little poet, fluent in the scatology of a half-dozen languages. Who could ask for more? Noah could—and Noah does! Beseeched by a long-time friend to find and return her nephew, Robbie, who presumably had run away to be with his dangerously unstable Uncle Clayton, Noah embraces the challenge without a qualm. Qualms come though, and aplenty, when his first motel room is ransacked (and Robbie's photo torn up), the second bombed. Could someone be trying to get his attention? When he finally discovers a very drunk Clayton in a skid row bar it is sans Robbie. "The boy," he forces from Clayton, "will be sacrificed in just two days—and there is nothing we can do about it!" Clayton knows Robbie's whereabouts—if Noah can keep him sober long enough to be taken there. But, even failing that, Noah has had the uncanny feeling from the beginning, that he is being drawn by forces that will guarantee his being there—to witness Robbie's bizarre ceremonial ordeal … and face his own frailty.
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