Rsvp Card Organizer

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Rsvp Card Organizer
"Delivered with Love" is a Response Card Organizer with 2 Sets of Alphabetized Dividers (5" x 5" x 11" L)The invitations are out and your mail box is filled with little response cards just waiting to be opened! What are you going to do with all those reply cards to your wedding? That's right…be organized and file them in this precious response box. No other box has a section for the yes and no's! And by alphabetizing as you receive them, it will be so much easier when it comes time to seat your guests for the reception! It is also a great keepsake. We know it's very hard to throw out those cards, so pack them away and bring them out again at your 10 year anniversary
- or reuse the box for all your future entertaining.
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