Message In A Bottle ® Signature Wedding Invitations - Beachcomber

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Message In A Bottle ® Signature Wedding Invitations - Beachcomber
Hand in hand in the sand... Invite your guests to your beach-themed wedding with Message In A Bottle ® Signature Wedding Invitations! Our beautiful, 8-inch-tall glass bottle invitations are assembled by hand, tamper-evident sealed with high-quality corks, and polished to a perfect shine. These elegant non-screw-top bottles are the finest choice--don't get stuck with condiment bottles that have hidden threads under ribbons or cord. Message In A Bottle ® Signature Wedding Invitations belong on your wedding checklist.
  • Your friends and family will love receiving this elegant glass wedding invitation in a bottle.
  • Additional options with Signature Invitation custom orders include: shell accents around neck, burnt edges on both invitation and label, a matching stamped RSVP postcard, and an extra page for map or directions.
  • Message In A Bottle ® Signature Invitations are high quality, crystal-clear polished glass, with a smooth neck (no screw-cap threads). Includes a shipping box with label attached for mailing.
  • Beachcomber, from our line of Signature Wedding Invitations, contains a mixture of sand and seashells, a hand-scrolled and tied invitation with drawstring, and is designed with summer sandals on the invitation & mailing label.
  • Order one invite to receive a non-personalized sample as shown in the listing photo. The cost of the sample can be deducted from the price of a custom personalized order of 25 or more.
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