Kiara Wedding Invitations

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Kiara Wedding Invitations
This designer wedding invitation features a drawing of newly budding blossoms against a soft cotton stock. Digitally flat printed on high quality cotton stock.PLEASE NOTE: back side of invitation is white.HINTS: Select the imprint color and design color to match your own unique theme colors.Change the fonts and this will change the feel of the invitation too.Opt for rounded corners to give it a modern, yet softer look.Choice of Announcement style envelopes (horizontal flap with deckled edge) or Baronial pointed flap envelopes.Size: 4-1/2"W X 6-1/2"LSAMPLE AS SHOWN:Paper: white velvet rag, printed in a light bisque colorFonts: Bodini Antiqua & JohannInk Color: OrangeSuggested envelope choices: White, Papaya or Chocolate Baronial Please place your order online and then send the Word document to Please remember to include your order # on the SUBJECT LINE of your e-mail.
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