Invitation to Dinner: Abigail Kirsch's Guide to Elegant Entertaining and Delicious Dinners at home

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Invitation to Dinner: Abigail Kirsch's Guide to Elegant Entertaining and Delicious Dinners at home
Abigail Kirsch is one of the country's preeminent caterers.  In the course of a year she serves delicious, impeccably presented food to more than 125,000 people, but--like the rest of us--her busy schedule leaves her with little time to entertain friends and family.  So, for all of us who want to know: "How can I possibly cook a dinner to impress the boss without taking a sick day to do it?" and "How can I give a formal dinner when I don't own china or silver--and wouldn't have time to polish the silver even if I owned it?," Abigail Kirsch has written the book that provides the answers--as well as solutions to such vexing dilemmas as what to do when the soufflé falls or it rains on the day of your cookout. Invitation to Dinner includes twenty-five complete menus for occasions as various as Casual Dinners, Celebratory Formal Events, Buffets, Grilling Parties, Brunches, Hors d'Oeuvre Parties, and Dessert Parties.  Each full menu revolves around a main dish (which Kirsch has termed "the Main Event") and a dessert ("the Grand Finale"), but the appetizers and accompaniments are offered in two ways: one complex, such as an appetizer of Endive with Roasted Asparagus, Ribbons of Cantaloupe, and Vinaigrette, and a side dish of Herbed Potatoes with Two Cheeses; and a choice of easier-to-prepare alternatives, such as Sun-dried Tomato Guacamole in Radicchio Cups and Horseradish Mashed Potatoes.  Either one will complement the Main Event, and the host is left to decide whether to go for broke or keep it simple. In addition to the menus themselves, there are tips on presentation and deciding what kind of party is best for you, a guide to beverage choices and quantities, and suggestions for essential equipment.  In short, drawing on her years of experience, Kirsch takes the party giver by the hand, points out potential pitfalls before they occur, and ensures a successful event every time.
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