Invitation to Cat Spring

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Invitation to Cat Spring
Virtual Serfdom under the Hapsburgs has gripped the Czech lands for generations. In the mid-nineteenth century, letters arrive from Cat Spring, America, telling of unbelievable freedom and opportunity. Rozina and her family decide to leave Moravia and take their chances. After crossing Europe by foot, wagon, and train, they make the arduous sea voyage to their new home, braving unbelievably crowded conditions, hunger, storms, sickness, and death. As the family begins to scratch out a meager living and adjust to the adopted homeland, Civil War looms. They don’t speak English, oppose slavery and are against secession. When Texas joins the Confederacy, difficult choices must be made. Two sons join the Confederate forces and find themselves involved in the Battle of Galveston, the largest Civil War battle fought on Texas soil. Another avoids the military, choosing, instead, to haul cotton to Mexico – a more hazardous undertaking than he can possibly imagine.
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