I'm a Believer

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I'm a Believer
After a whirlwind courtship with Richard, the gentle small-town vet she met in London, Sarah finds herself, to her surprise, moving to Australia as his bride. But on the morning of the wedding itself, she realizes she has made the worst mistake of her life. While the wedding is quickly turning into bad news for some, it's good news for Richard's younger brother Harry, who can at least take some comfort in the fact that his Debbie Harry tribute band has been booked for the reception. Better still, the cute young Wiccan he'd like to date isn't put off by his Blondie obsession. Meanwhile, Richard's best friend Tom is wondering if he's crazy to live with a woman old enough to be his mother. Especially as she disapproves of nearly everything in his life, including Richard and Sarah. The only invited guest not at the wedding is in Sydney. Richard's first wife Bronte, a successful magazine editor, threw her wedding invitation in the trash. But she finds herself mysteriously drawn to visit Richard, despite her best efforts to put those thoughts out of her mind. By the end of the summer, life
- and love
- will have gotten back on track again, but not before one small town in Australia nearly explodes with heat, and an overdose of passion.
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