Come Closer: A Call to Life, Love, and Breakfast on the Beach

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Come Closer: A Call to Life, Love, and Breakfast on the Beach
For every reader who’s bought into the idea of working harder, doing more, smiling bigger, or running faster to get more out of life–and then faced disappointment, fatigue, or the unnerving unexpected, award-winning author Jane Rubietta offers relief and irresistible promise . Her fresh approach to fifteen of Jesus’s familiar but too-often forgotten invitations in the New Testament remind readers of His promise that: Life can be better, more sure and satisfying, more beautiful, and truly tasty–not just someday, in heaven, but here and now . With humor, unforgettable experiences, and gracious encouragement, Jane plumbs Scripture to bring alive these invitations of help, hope, and the refuge of Home. She takes readers on an exploration of the fifteen times in Scripture that Jesus invites followers to come–for relief, light, help, hope, and even breakfast. Jane then offers engaging ideas and tangible things readers can do to draw near to these promises. Come Closer is an invitation to a richer, more spiritual life–an invitation that will open readers’ eyes to the love and feast God intends every soul to experience.
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