An Invitation to Christmas

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An Invitation to Christmas
Shake any family tree and you never know what kind of people might fall out. Let's face it; we all have an uncle or a cousin we whisper about behind closed doors. We all have a relative or two we try to avoid at family gatherings. No surprise there. But here's something you may not know. Jesus had a few shady characters in his family as well. Actually, he had some relatives that make your most wayward cousin look like a saint. In An Invitation to Christmas, Andy Stanley introduces us to a few of these colorful characters and reveals how their roles in the Christmas story give hope to us all. North Point Community Church is led by best-selling author, communicator, and pastor Andy Stanley. Launched in 1995, North Point Ministries is now one of the fastest growing and most influential Christian organizations in America. Each Sunday, over 25,000 adults attend services at one of three North Point campuses in the Atlanta area, while many more attend North Point's nearly 30 strategic partner churches in the U.S. and around the world. DVD includes a one-part message, along with a special bonus reading of the Christmas story. Includes a bonus audio CD featuring four songs from the new North Point Christmas CD. Bonus digital copy of message included for use on an iPod, iPhone or other device.
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Christmas Invitation
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